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January Session 1 Class Schedule!

Kara Drachnyd
January Session 1 Class Schedule!
by Kara Drachnyd - Wednesday, 2 January 2013, 12:59 PM
This is the schedule for our January - Session 1 of 2013!  Session Dates run from the week of January 7th through the end of the week of March 18th.  Teachers now have some extra weeks to allow for being ill and for Secular Holidays that might fall on their class night.  Please make sure to stay up to date on how your teacher plans to handle those extra weeks!  Please contact the teachers listed if you have questions or concerns about the class.  If you are not currently registered with the school, please go to and register.  If you are a rising Sophomore and have not heard from Bella about your status, please note that Sophomore classes begin at Imbolc so she will be in touch soon.  Seniors touch base with Bella and Hyssop for the Senior Studies schedule.
6:00pm Junior Class - Stacia
7:00pm Sophomore Class - Bella
7:00pm Crystals - Kara
6:00pm Senior Studies - Healing and Divination (Alternate through out the year) - Hyssop and Bella
6:00pm Magic 155: Being a Real Pagan Man - Terry Riley NEW CLASS!
6:00pm Wicca 207(ABC):  Comparative Spirituality - Alfred  NEW CLASS!
7:00pm Wicca 101 - Bella
6:00pm - Norse Mythology - Elphabala
7:00pm Orientation - Shanndarra
6:00pm Egyptian Mythology - K. Infinity
7:00pm Celtic Mythology - Alfred
Correspondence Courses - No inworld labs/website only:  Born A Witch and Sacred Fire Tending and Chakra Animals(Kara Drachnyd teaches all of these).  Wicca 091 Intro to Wiccan Theology (Alfred Willowhawk). Please e-mail teachers when you begin work on the class!