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Nov/Dec Class Session Begins Next Week!

Kara Drachnyd
Nov/Dec Class Session Begins Next Week!
by Kara Drachnyd - Thursday, 25 October 2012, 5:36 AM

Nov/Dec Class Schedule:

**All times are SLT unless otherwise noted

6:00pm:  Junior Class - Stacia
7:00pm: Sophomore Class - Bella
7:00pm:Crystals - Kara(meets once a season)
7:00pm: Animals - Kara(meets once a season)
7:00pm: Wicca 106 - Bella
6:00pm: History of Wicca - Elpha 
7:00pm: Orientation - Shann
6:00pm: Indo-European Shamanism - Alfred
Noon: Born A Witch - Kara D(meets first Friday of each month)
Suncrow is teaching Ritual 105 as a correspondence class - it does not meet inworld, please e-mail her for information and details.