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Session 3 Classes Julyt 6 - September 18

Alfred Willowhawk
Session 3 Classes Julyt 6 - September 18
by Alfred Willowhawk - Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 6:55 AM
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6:00pm SLT   Magic 170: Intro to Astrology Emerald Caerheart Magic 122: Indo-European Shamanism 1 - Alfred Willowhawk Wicca 310:
BTW Alfred Willowhawk
6:00pm SLT Junior Core- Cassie Gendlec Healing and Divnation: Senior Core - Belladonna Laveau    
7:00pm SLT Senior Sabbats: Senior Core - Kara Drachnyd      
7:00pm SLT Sophomore Core - Belladonna Laveau Freshmen Core Bella/Kara Wicca 090 Joining the Circle Alfred Willowhawk Myth 110: Greek Myth - Mary Malinski
7:00pm SLT        
      Classroom Assignments
      Freshman Core Freshmen Core Class
      Myth 110 Greek Myth Freshmen Core Class
      Wicca 310 BTW Level 1 Class Space 4
      Magic 122 Indo-European Shamanism Class Space 4
      Magic 170 Intro to Astrology Freshmen Core Class
      Sophomore Core Sophomore Core Class
      Junior Core Junior Core Class
      Senior Sabbats Skype
      Wicca 090 Castle Downstairs
      Healing and Divination Merlin House