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Session II Schedule April 6 - June 19

Alfred Willowhawk
Session II Schedule April 6 - June 19
by Alfred Willowhawk - Monday, 16 March 2015, 10:45 AM
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6:00pm SLT Wicca 130: Wiccan Law for all Wiccans - Belladonna Laveau Myth 120 - Introduction to Celtic Mythology - Alfred Willowhawk Magic 352 Basic Kabbalah - Alfred Willowhawk Magic 151: Introduction to Meditation - Mary Malinski
6:00pm SLT Junior Core- Stacia Abonwood Senior Core: Healing - Hyssop Moonwing Senior Core: Tarot and Divination - Belladonna Laveau Magic 110 Living with Herbs - Hyssop Moonwing  
7:00pm SLT       History of Wicca Elpha
7:00pm SLT Senior Sabbats - Kara Drachnyd     Wicca 450 Introduction to Psychology of Leadership Alfred Willowhawk
7:00pm SLT Sophomore Core - Belladonna Laveau Freshmen Core Belladonna Laveau/Stacia Abonwood/Kara Drachnyd Wicca 090 Joining the Circle Alfred Willowhawk