The  challenges of being  Clergy without an advanced degree in psychology have been one of the hallmarks of Spiritual/Pastoral Counselors in all faiths. In fact, these challenges have lead to many discrepancies and issues between the professional counseling field and the professional clergy field. Many of the  issues clergy and psychologists face with their clients are the same, however as clergy we deal with the ethics and practices of faith that exacerbate these issues that all parishioners and frankly clergy face.

As Pagan and Wiccan clergy there is another level of challenges related to the mis-information about Wicca as well as some deep rooted resentment to religion and spirituality.

This course will assist you in dealing with these issues with the ability to assist parishioners to lead balanced and harmonious lives.

Now that we have begun to have some tools to assess HOW to counsel others, (Heal 530) and how our own personality, experience, and psychological profile effect our ability to work with people over the next set of lessons we are going to dive into the legal ramifications of BEING a Pastoral Counselor. We will utilize the text to explore many of the responsibilities of the counselor as well as the rights of the "person served". 

We will draw on the work that you have already completed in Wicca 555A and get a firm grasp of the legal pitfalls and how to avoid these entanglements. It amounts to a set of do's and don'ts for pagan clergy in counseling situations