Now it is time for you to step into the role of apprentice cleric.   This course will lead the student through writing and performing monthly rituals for the school and church. You will participate in rituals written by your fellow students.  The course covers the topic selection of appropriate material for personal ritual and Moon rituals. For some this class may take more than one year to complete.   

Prerequisites:  Wicca 201 and Magic 201 

Psychic, spiritual and energetic healing are explored as a part of becoming clergy. Subjects covered are ethics of healing, secular laws surrounding healing, the different types of energetic healing, and an exploration of a personal aptitude for healing. The student is required to begin an in-depth study of one form of healing.

Prerequisites: Wicca 201 and Magic 201

Sometimes we are stones when it comes to hearing the messages of the divine. I have been there. I bet you have too. It is not comfortable to admit it, but there you have it. So, now that that is out of he way one tool that can be used to hear the divine, or our own higher selves more clearly is Guided Meditations.

To enhance the student’s ability to participate in Guided meditations. This course focuses on the elements of a guided meditation and how to create, and successfully facilitate guided meditations.  Prerequisites: Wicca 201 and Magic 201  

Wicca 306



Our Ancestors knew the passing of time and marked the sacred days with celebration. Experience the Holy Wheel of the Year as the Sun journeys through the Astrological Zodiac. Understand why and how the Ancients celebrated these dates on the Calendar. Learn how to use the various methods of pagan symbolism to decode the sabbatical days and structure rituals to attune you with the rhythm of the Wheel of the Year.

Prerequisites: Wicca 106  

This course delveinto thNew Book of the Law by Lady Galadriel at the level appropriate for those initiated into Wicca.  It is open to all Juniors, including those not on the initiatory path.  Prerequisites: Wicca 130 - Wiccan Law